Welcome to Zakopane.


Being the winter capital of Poland , Zakopane is one of the most picturesque and beautifully situated places in our country. Famous for its mountains, valleys and areas untouched by human hand ,   Zakopane  is well-known among those, who prefer active and close-to-nature ways of spending free time.

Ski resorts, mountain trails , spa centers and professional leisure facilities are only a few of attractions which  Zakopane  can offer its visitors.

Definitely worth mentioning is our regional cuisine which you can sample in our numerous restaurants which serve fresh, delicious and typical for our part of  Poland treats and dishes.




We warmly invite you to Villa Gardenia.



Located nearby the city center, our high quality apartments are the best places to stay if you are looking for relaxation , unique atmosphere and comfort.

We have done our best to make you feel special and to make sure  that time spent in our town will make you want to come and visit us again. Who knows maybe one day you will wish to move to Zakopane.



We offer you four, high-class , modern and fully- equipped apartments .

The rooms are spacious and comfortable to let you enjoy yourself as much as possible  during your stay.

Our apartments have been constructed with top materials and designed by professional designers. The only thing you need to do is to put your luggage on the floor and take a deep breath of  your own luxury.


Our rooms easily fit from 2 to 4 persons and you can leave your car in our own private parking space, without having to worry  that something bad will happen to your beloved  vehicle.



In vicinity you will find a grocery store, a  pharmacy , a good place where you can rent winter equipment, but also a  theatre, a cinema, a bus and a railway station and many other useful places.




You are truly welcomed . Visit us once and you will be coming back forever.