I. General Information

1. In order to avoid confusion and ensure you a successful holiday please read the following rules. Confirmation of the reservation is tantamount to reading and adoption and accepting the rules.

II. reservation Policy

1. To make a reservation please call or e-mail also fill the reservation form placed on the page. To e-mail client will be sent to pre-booking the selected object, which is maintained by the system for 24 hours – during this time must be received at the specified account pre-determined advance, in the absence of confirmation of payment within 24 hours the reservation will be canceled.

2. The reservation is effective as soon as the bank account of the Villa Gardenia

III. cancellation

1. In case of cancellation of arrival deposit paid is not refundable. The exception to this rule would be the situation if the customer indicates a new client for the same apartment and at the same time.

IV. Terms of the lease agreement

1. The apartment is rented for the day.
Night stay in the apartment is from 15.00 to 11.00.

2. Guest apartment must settle the payment for the stay on arrival, during check-in. To perform check-in is required ID card.

3. Bringing together domestic animals is allowed only after obtaining permission from the owner of the apartment. Operation of the apartment has the right to refuse to provide this type of accommodation to guests who took a pet to the object previously not agreeing.
Guest apartment are fully responsible for any damage or destruction made by animal in equipment and technical devices apartment.

4. Every time you leave your room, please check if it is closed. Total ban wynoszenia the room belonging to the apartment things (eg. Towels, blankets, pillows, appliances, etc.). Please take care of the rented apartment, to turn off unnecessary lights and turning off the water.

5. In the apartment is non-smoking.

6. Guests who intentionally or accidentally destroy property of the apartment is required to pay the entire costs incurred. On the day of departure the client is obligated to provide rented apartment the person designated to serve in order to check the state of accommodation. Only the client is entitled to leave the apartment. Any claims on damages verified upon receipt of the apartment by the service will be claimed in court.

7. Early departures guy, for reasons independent of the owner of the apartment, does not entitle him to demand reimbursement of the amount for unused benefits.

8. The number of people staying in the apartment is limited to the number specified when booking.

The customer is obliged to immediately inform by phone or email for any more than that number. In such a situation, Villa Gardenia increase respectively fixed fee for access to the apartment accommodation cost by an additional person. current price list.

9. Price – stated in the description of the apartment includes utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating – heating season), bed linen and towels (one set for each reservation notified in person) and final cleaning. The current in Zakopane tax in the amount of PLN 2 per person for each day of your stay is added in addition to the amount due for the stay.

10. In the Object bound to observe the curfew hours. To 22.00 hrs. 07.00 the next day.

11. The behavior of guests and people using the service object should not interfere with a peaceful stay with other guests. The property may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violated this principle.

12. Children in the hotel can not remain without adult supervision.

13. The staff and the owner can refuse to continue to provide services to persons violating the rules of order and during the stay on the site, and may also request immediate leave the guesthouse without reimbursement of the fee paid for the stay.


V. free stay of a child up to 2 years.

1. In the accommodation can stay with a child under the age of 2, and his stay are treated as free, when the child sleeps with an accompanying adult or in their own bed, which does not require any extra sheets. For every caregiver can be only one child, the stay is free. At a time when the number of children eligible age for free stay exceeds the number of caregivers they stay automatically counted as chargeable to stay.

VI. The fee for pets

1. You can take small animals, particularly dogs and cats, the fee for a pet is 25 zł per day / in a predetermined with the owner of the apartment, while the customer is fully responsible for any damage caused by their pet and is obliged to compensate the damage.

VII. Other findings

1. Villa Gardenia is not responsible for valuables: money, jewelry, electronic equipment and other property left by client in the apartment both during his stay and after leaving the apartment.

2. Villa Gardenia is not responsible for the car left in the parking lot not guarded the building.

VIII. Sauna

1. Sauna in the facility operates only in the hours to which the customer himself ordered it. It is not turned on all the time.

2. To use the sauna must inform the owner at least an hour earlier, because of the time warm sauna.

3. The sauna is in the (inclusion sauna 8:00) 9:00 to 22:00 (off the sauna)